BIOSinfo [/M (Hostname | IPAddress) [/K | /L]] [/N] [/U username [/P password]] [(/V | /C [/D delimchar] [/R delimreplchar] [/T tabooreplchar] [/A])]

All switches are optional. If ran with no switches the local host is queried using the currently logged on user's credentials.

/M = Remote hostname or IP Address .
/N = Show nothing on WMI/Unknown errors. Does still set error code though.
/U = Username to connect with. May include domain (domain\username).
/P = Password for username specified with /U switch.
/K = Use Kerberos authentication. Can't be used with the /L switch.
/L = User NT Lan Manager authentication. Can't be used with the /K switch.
/V = Verbose output (WMI classes used). Can't be used with the /C switch.
/C = CSV output. Can't be used with the /V switch. Needed for the following:
  /A   = Always surround each output value in double quotes.
  /D x = Delimeter character to use (instead of comma) for CSV output.
  /R x = Character to replace the delimeter character (if found) in output.
  /T x = Character to replace special characters that may be hard to parse.
         Taboo characters replaced (if /T specified):  ^ ` ' & ( ) "

Note that in the examples below 'C:\Utils>' is my prompt at the command line. You don't type this in. :-)  and yes someone asked.

Example #1  - Get infomation from

C:\Utils> biosinfo /m

Manufacturer:   Dell Inc.
Model:          Latitude D610
Serial Number:  3GXXXX1
BIOS Version:   A06

Example #2  - Same as example #1 but lets get it in CSV format:

C:\Utils> biosinfo /m /C
Dell Inc.,Latitude D610,3GXXXX1,A06

Example #3  - Here we try to get the information from a remote server, in CSV format, specifying the username and password needed. But we typed the password wrong!:

C:\Utils> biosinfo /m hpserver1 /u domain\username /p "incorrectly_typed_password" /c

Example #4  - Like example #3 but this time we type the password correctly! Also we ask for quoted output via the /A switch:

C:\Utils> biosinfo /m hpserver1 /u domain\username /p "correctly_typed_password" /c /a
"HP","ProLiant DL380 G3","EAWXXXXX3B","P29"

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